My USA Financial Card - This company is abig fraud same one has to do and article on the tv. news

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samo one has to re ported on tv. same one call me and oferen me a secure credit card they speciali say was acredit card whit 6% on interes and never chage i was agree and they send me acredit cupons that any bary can make copis whit this cain of pice of paper they same me alether asking formy security number i send the recuest and they send me a cupons whet i call for cancel they say yes we cancel one one week you had your money back now no one answer the phone and orrady pass 2 monts if same one has some way i can reported to the autority call me 415 516 59 94

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another public school education, learn to spell

My USA Financial Card - Fraud with a capital F

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I have had a callfrom these people as well, and they only tell you want you want to hear.They are as crooked as they come.

Yeah, You get a credit card but they dont tell you that you have to make a 35 percent deposit toget the merchandise. Dont fall fo there scam, its fake to the bone. STAY AWAY.they promise you things that they cant deliver

Dont fall for there line of gabage, its telemarketing at its worse.

When you call them on it they hang up on you.they want your money with no uncertain terms

My USA Financial Card - USA Financial Inc. is a big fraud. Their website is

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I received a call from USA Financial and they said that they

would offer me a credit card upon depositing $200. In return they

would be offer me a credit card with $450 dollars worth vochers.So i have

given authorization for deducting $200 from my bank account. After

10 days i received a letter saying that they couldn't offer me a credit

card instead could offer me a merchant card. After another 10 days

i have received 4 * $50 (=$200 not $450) worth vochers along with

a merchant card and a catalogue. I can use that card only to buy

products from the book and i need to put 35% down and rest i could

use my vochers to pay my bill. The Shipping cost is 20%. So in order

to use my $200 vochers i need to spend another 140 ( $40 for shipping

and 35% down payment) The product are so costly, they would be

about 250% to 300% more than the market price.

I just decided to leave my $200 vochers un used. you can have

a look at their website ( ) It a pity.

I don't know how i could take any legal action against them.

Their customer care number is: 1800 769 0426

1877 872 7011

People who come to USA newly and looking desperately for a credit

card are likey to get trapped with USA Financial Card.


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Does anyone have a customer service number for them? All of the numbers I have have been disconnected.

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Amen... They almost had me, "You don't want to miss out on this Limited opportunity", 6.9% interest rate w/ 550 credit score. :roll

Do not do business with USA financial

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